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There's not a star in Heaven that we can't reach..

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Welcome to High School Musical Claims!

This is a community where you can claim ANYTHING from your favorite Disney movie, High School Musical! You can claim anything from characters to songs to props to traits to pairings..anything you want. Claim it now!

1. You must join the community in order to claim something. If you leave the community, your claims will be taken down and be up for anyone else to claim.

2. Members get 2 claims, maintainers get 3. Later there will be ways for you to earn extra claims.

3. You may claim anything you would like. You may claim an entire character, however people may still claim something particular of that character such as a quote, a trait, whatever you'd like.

4. However, you can only have ONE claim per category. For example, you can claim one character and one song, but you cannot claim two songs.

5. Please check the claims list before making your claims. The maintainers will update it regularly.

6. No sharing claims. It just gets too confusing. There are plenty of things from High School Musical for you to claim!

7. Make sure you make a completely new post when making your claims! Do not reply to someone else's post.

8. And please, PLEASE, check the Claims List before posting! There have already been loads of double claims. Everything's organized alphabettically and by category, PLEASE just take a quick look before posting! And try not to edit your posts, it get's awfully confusing. And do not make edits in comments, we will not acknowledge them.

9. Please, refrain from commenting to posts. It confuses the mods.

10. If you would like to promote your community, make sure you clear it with one of the maintainers before posting. Must be HSM related.

Got it? Then get claiming!

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Claims List
Last Updated: July 6, 2006

Ashley Tisdale - claimed by lovecost
Lucas Grabeel - claimed by xsail_oceans
Monique Coleman - claimed by angelamazzeo
Olesya Rulin - claimed by xiu
Ryan Sanborn - claimed by lkwreader
Vanessa Anne Hudgens - claimed by seafeed
Zac Efron - claimed by everydaylovexo

Chad Danforth - claimed by remove_thedoubt
Cindra - claimed by angelamazzeo
Coach Bolton - claimed by shsbballgirl12
Dancer in Stick to the Status Quo with the Grey Blue shirt on with the big red 3 on it - claimed by padfoot_lives_
Gabriella Montez - claimed by chibi_spirit
Jason Cross - claimed by wldcat_bbalplyr
Kelsi - claimed by gloominess
Ryan Evans - claimed by howtomove
Sharpay Evans - claimed by lovecost
Skaterdude Cellist - claimed by chickabiddybaby
Taylor McKessie - claimed by dreamindiva6890
Troy Bolton - claimed by shyone07
Zeke - claimed by _starcatcher_

"Don't have to say a word!"
-claimed by danceliketoday
"I never opened my eyes to all the possibilities"
-claimed by nyurotik_onna
"I thought you were my fairytale, A dream when I'm not sleeping"
- claimed by indulge
"I've never had someone that knows me like you do (the way you do), and I've never had someone as good for me as you (no one like you)." Ryan/Sharpay version
-claimed by weinerella
"Maybe this time we'll hit the right note!..."
-claimed by starring_nicole
"So good to be seen so good to be heard don't have to say a word, so long I was lost, so good to be found, I'm loving having you around."
-claimed by steffe26
"So lonely before I finally found what I've been looking for"
-claimed by boptothetop
"There's not a star in Heaven that we can't reach..."
-claimed by shyone07
"This is not what I want, this is not what I planned, and I just gotta say, I do not understand. Something is really (something's not right) really wrong..."
-claimed by lovergirl933
"We were right, because we stuck together, champions one and all!"
- claimed by swisscheesey
"We're soaring, flying, there's not a star in Heaven that we can't reach, if we're trying. Yeah we're breaking free"
- claimed by my_badgers_27
"Wipe away your inhibitions"
-claimed by _excruciating__
"You know the world can see us in a way that's different than who we are..."
-claimed by howtomove
"Zip, zap, zop, flop like a mop."
-claimed by ksrli

Chad's hair - claimed by jazzyndani
Conversation between Troy and Zeke about creme brulee after Stick to the Status Quo - claimed by onehottladybug
Gabriella's smile - claimed by twentiizied
Martha Cox's popping and locking, jamming and breaking - phateelove
Ryan's eyeroll, seen when Sharpay makes him let her leave the seating row first just before What I've Been Looking For - claimed by kurisuchie2kimi
Ryan's jazz square - claimed by danceliketoday
Ryan moving his hips and his arms, and snapping his fingers - claimed by myxfairytale
Ryan's pelvic thrusts in We're All In This Together - claimed by _excruciating__
Sharpay and Ryan's acting warmups - claimed by lovelyornot
Sharpay & Ryan's snaps at the beginning of What I've Been Looking For - claimed by uhohxitskatelyn
Sharpay's hair - claimed by hollywood_chick
Sharpay's huge handwriting on the sign up sheet - claimed by nyurotik_onna
Sharpay's tap break in What I've Been Looking For - claimed by uhohxitskatelyn
Troy's face after the bridge in Get'Cha Head In the Game - claimed by starring_nicole
Troy's facial expressions after sharpay says "Your so dedicated, just like me!" - claimed by onehottladybug
Troy's facial expressions when he's lowering the leaf on sleeping Chad - claimed by padfoot_lives_
Troy's hair - claimed by my_badgers_27
Troy's hair flip in the mirror - claimed by youxxbrokexxme
Troy does during Breaking Free, when Gabriella is singing "connected by a feeling ooh in our very souls" and Troy goes "very souls oooohhh" and he has the mic and is moving his shoulders. - claimed by followhissmile
Troy's eyes - claimed by unwrittenformat
Troy's facial expression when Ryan looks under the door while he is rehearsing - claimed by unwrittenformat
Troy's moonwalk dance during Breaking Free - claimed by rubbrducky115
Troy's shirtless torso in the locker room - brookuems
Troy's smile - claimed by gripkid
Zeke's face he makes at the end of the movie - claimed by devon_carrots

Chad/Sharpay - claimed by miss_elle23
Chad/Taylor - claimed by kool_aidex893
Jason/Kelsi - claimed by nekoluvr3
Ryan/Sharpay - claimed by lovergirl933
Troy/Gabriella - claimed by seafeed
Troy/Sharpay - claimed by twentiizied
Zeke/Sharpay - claimed by devon_carrots

Gabriella's room - claimed by ch_leesha
Rooftop garden - claimed by soxy58

Chad's "I come with my own background music" shirt - claimed by dance_and_sing
Gabriella's red dress - claimed by afterglowmegami
Giant moon in Breaking Free - claimed by sayulovemexo
"Pi" cake - claimed by rubbrducky115
Ryan's green hat in What I've Been Looking For - claimed by ksrli
Ryan's pink hat in Ms. Darbus' class - claimed by steffe26
Ryan's Razr cellphone - claimed by jmfossil
Ryan's red hat in We're All in This Together - claimed by ladylupin04
Ryan's swiggly blue/green/brown/yellow hat that he wears when he hears Troy rehearsing in the locked music room - claimed by kurisuchie2kimi
Sharpay's cell phone - claimed by charmikitty
Sharpay's dress in Bop to the Top - claimed by pencil3
Sharpay's hot pink locker - claimed by boptothetop
Sharpay's lunch table - claimed by votrebebe
Sharpay's mic - claimed by xsail_oceans
Sharpay's outfit in Stick to the Status Quo - claimed by ilovehsm_16
Sharpay's outfit in What I've Been Looking For - claimed by withloadedguns
Sharpay's pink sharpie - claimed by __redrightankle
The tree Troy paints - claimed by __redrightankle
Troy's basketball shorts - claimed by brookuems
Troy's blue shirt in the first audition - claimed by lineybug
Troy's exclamation point t-shirt - claimed by luelle
Troy and Gabriella's pictures on their cell phones - claimed by gripkid
Troy's green and white shirt - claimed by lineybug
Zeke's cookies - claimed by mad16
Zeke's creme brulee - claimed by dudski

Don't be discouraged. The theatre club needs more than just singers, it needs fans, too. Buy tickets.
-claimed by ladylupin04
Do you know something about this, small person?
-claimed by wldcat_bbalplyr
Evaporate, tall person!
-claimed by tortoisesoup
Godra, Go dra, go dram, dram?
-claimed by ju_24
Have you ever heard of Michael Crawford? He was the FIRST Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. My mom's seen that play TWENTY-SEVEN TIMES. And she has his picture in her refrigerator! Not on it, IN IT.
-claimed by gloominess
Hey that's traveling...No that's really bad traveling
- claimed by blitzbitz
It's a crowd favorite, everyone loves a good jazz square!
-claimed by dreamindiva6890
Like Kindergarten..
-claimed by luelle
Like the first time we sang together. Remember? ...Like kindergarten
-claimed by bytheshoreline
Maybe we're being Punk'd, maybe we're being filmed right now.....Maybe we will get to meet Ashton!
-claimed by dance_and_sing
Nice penmanship.
-claimed by jmfossil
Sharpay's kinda cute too
- claimed by timl
Suddenly people think they can do other stuff. Okay? Stuff that's not their stuff!
-claimed by ch_leesha
That girl is named Gabriella and she's very nice...A lot of things are special, Dad.
-claimed by chickabiddybaby
We have to save our musical from people who don't know the difference between a Tony award, and Tony Hawk.
-claimed by mad16
What team?! WILDCATS!
-claimed by swisscheesey
What the heck are those two doing in a tree?
-claimed by crb_xo
Wouldn't that be awfully uncomfortable?
- claimed by sayulovemexo

Balcony Scene - claimed by dorkykrystle
Before We're All In This Together, after Kelsi gets the ball and Jason helps her shoot it - claimed by nekoluvr3
Breaking Free dance at the end - claimed by candy112
Chad asks Taylor to go to the after party with him - claimed by lkwreader
Chad grabs Taylor - claimed by _starcatcher_
Exchange between Troy and Gabriella in the hallway after they get detention in homeroom for the cellphones - claimed by blitzbitz
Gabriella runs out wanting to audition and Troy volunteers to sing with her - claimed by shakeme_down
Group Finale Dance (We're All in This Together) - claimed by everydaylovexo
Kelsey trips over the piano - claimed by xiu
Library scene between Troy and Chad - claimed by drama_chick07
Part in Breaking Free where Troy spins Gabriella - claimed by amazing_envy
Part were Troy grabs Gabriella's hand as she runs past the lockers - claimed by dudski
Part before Troy and Gabriella sing Breaking Free and the whole exchange between them - claimed by bytheshoreline
Ryan and Sharpay's audition scene for What I've Been Looking For - claimed by iserial
Troy and Gabriella's almost kiss - claimed by starrphishe
Troy and Gabriella working on the set for the musical - claimed by ilovehsm_16
Troy/Gabriella scene (microwave popcorn) in the gym - claimed by dorkykrystle
Troy (w/out his shirt) and his dad in the locker room - claimed by shakeme_down
Troy says "Toodles!" to Sharpay - claimed by lilshokolatte22
Troy shows Gabriella his secret place - claimed by speakawhisper_
Troy turns around in Ms. Darbus' class and smiles at Gabriella - claimed by youxxbrokexxme
When Troy's boxers show when he says "I'll sing with her" - claimed by followhissmile

Bop to the Top - claimed by tortoisesoup
Breaking Free - claimed by howtomove
Get'cha Head in the Game - claimed by shsbballgirl12
Get'cha Head in the Game(Pop Version) by B5 - claimed by charmikitty
I Can't Take My Eyes Off You - claimed by starrphishe
Start of Something New - claimed by shyone07
Start of Something New (Acapella version Troy sings on balcony) - claimed by pencil3
Stick to the Status Quo - claimed by drama_chick07
What I've Been Looking For (Troy and Gabriella) - claimed by amazing_envy
What I've Been Looking For (Ryan and Sharpay) - claimed by blue_phoria
When There Was Me and You - claimed by remove_thedoubt
We're All in This Together - claimed by chibi_spirit