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Sharpay's Dress

I would like to claim Sharpay's blue dress from Bop to the Top! Or at least know where to buy it!
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I found where you can get Sharpay's Bop to the Top dress! It is a Jovani gown, style #171446 in the color aqua. oyu can find a store location near you at but the dress is around $250. it is also floor length but you can have a tailor make it like Sharpay's length.

i found it on a website that tells you where you can get clothes exactly like clothes from the movie, props like those in the movie, and clothes like the actors have worn at other events!

sharpay dress


May 19 2007, 20:24:10 UTC 10 years ago

go to and you can find it but it is only for kids
go to
hey ammmmm does anyone nu were sharpays blu dress is from im sharpay in a play and need one lik it plzzz repli
I know! it's sooooooo cute! and it has all of the EXACT SAME things that the stars wore! (just not what THEY wore)
i really want her blue bop to the top dress does anyone know where to get it
I have the exact dress for sale on eBay- it's not Jovani, it's a Marciano Dress. Size small. My store is called Vamp's Vintage. Brand new, I never got to wear it.